Nov 3, 2016

4 Essential oil blends I can't live without this fall 4 Essential oil blends for the season and free flannel rollerball labels, Pin now, print and mix later!

Lets face it - along with the changing leaves and cooler weather come some health challenges. This time of the year is not all just pumpkin and spice. Carried in (and flurried around) by that beautiful cool breeze are all seasonal discomforts that 2016 has to offer. The days start getting a little darker - and then BLAM - hello time change? (Am I the only one who takes several weeks to adjust?!) With all the joys of the season, comes too, all the stresses. For example: Black friday, turkey day with the family/in-laws, and all the traveling in-between. (See what I mean!?)

So, in the spirit of the season I have decided to share my top four roller balls for fall. These little bottles contain all the oily goodness I need to rally through this season and give the holidays my best! If you are new to oils (and need somewhere to start) or are a seasoned oiler and just need to switch it up a little - here are my recommendations.

I've also included a FREE digital download at the bottom of the page for these swanky flannel roller ball labels. Because nothing is worse than playing the "which oil is this" guessing game when it comes to your health (and a blank rollerball). It include are the four blends shared below and a few blank labels for you to mix up some of your seasonal favorites as well. Relief rollerball recipe (and free printable label) - the perfect blend to fight off seasonal head tension

RELIEF: The changing temperatures have a way of messing with all the different pressures and liquids and tend to build up a lot of tension in my head. This roller ball is literally in my hands several times a day as I fight back to have a little normalcy where all the brain function (is attempting) to occur.

TO MAKE: 5 drops Panaway | drops Peppermint | 3 drops Lemon | 2 drops Lavender Focused rollerball recipe (and free printable label) - a rollerball recipe to keep your mind on track during all the season's hustle and bustle.

FOCUSED: Two words: mommy brain. Two other words: holiday craze. You guys - there are seemingly more holidays, obligations, and to-do lists packed into the next two months than is even conceivable. To try and keep my mind sharp and engaged, I turn to this lovely blend. I am not a huge buyer of most of the pre-made focus blends. I am very sensitive to smell and feel like someone is poking my brain from the inside when I even catch a whiff. A little 'pay attention' is all my brain needs - not really the 'slap in the face' some other blends give me. I love to roll this one onto my neck before attempting to do any less-than-fun tasks. Say, paying bills, or figuring out what to get your sister who has everything. 

TO MAKE: 3 drops Eucalyptus| 4 drops Lavender | 3 drops Orange Happy rollerball recipe (and free printable label) - the perfect natural perfume replacement for the season's ups and downs

HAPPY: Although I feel like this one is self explanatory - I'll attempt to sum it up for you anyway. When the weather starts to cool off and winter starts sneaking in, sometimes the winter blues like to tag-along. I wear this guy on my wrist and the nape of my neck just like a perfume. It smells light, but grounded at the same time and always puts me in a good mood. Even if you're already in a great mood, the scent of this one just makes me feel fresh and put-together.

TO MAKE: 7 drops Joy | 3 drops Peppermint | 3 drops Cedarwood | 3 drops Orange | 2 drops Frankincense Rested rollerball recipe (and free printable label) - the perfect blend to keep you rested during this seasons stresses and changes.

RESTED: When the holiday season is over, and we all begin to welcome 2017 (and an imminent baby in this home) - I hope that the season felt restful. I hope that the time spent together was filled with family, good food and laughs. A huge part of having a good day (at least for me) is enjoying a great nights sleep the night before. Can I get an amen from all the other sleep lovers?! I love my sleep. Unfortunately, with the time change (hello Nov. 6), the travels and time differences - my sleep is usually the first thing to suffer. I roll this little bottle onto my feet before I hop into bed to promote better and restful sleep.

TO MAKE: 15 drops Cedarwood | 4 drops Lavender | 3 drops Orange 

Download Labels

And that's it folks. After mixing the oils in, just fill the rest of the rollerball with the carrier oil of your choice! Here's to conquering this lovely season together (and in good health!!) What are some of your tips for staying healthy this fall?

P.S. A few special notes on printing the pdf labels. Print normally, and do not choose "fit to page". These labels can be printed on any full sheet label paper but were specifically designed to be printed on Avery labels 6793 - which are the perfect size, and withstand oil spills beautifully. Happy Oiling!

*Any suggestions made on this blog are specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician before use. If you are currently on medication, please do not stop. 4 Essential oil blends for the season and free flannel rollerball labels, Pin now, print and mix later!

Oct 30, 2016

17 week update

FEELING: excited to have nearly hit the halfway point without too many hiccups.
EATING: the seemingly endless supply of tootsie rolls from our Halloween candy. (sorry, kids)
HOPINGthat C will be more gentle with baby H than he is with baby bunny.
READINGTreasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman.
CRAVINGPanera mac'n cheese. Surprise, surprise.
WORRYINGabout Zika virus while living over on this silly coast.
LAUGHINGat C's antics. Today he pointed at me, sternly, "rules!" Is that what mama looks like? "Yes."
WATCHING(read: binge watching) Gilmore girls. I have never seen it, and enjoying every moment.
LISTENING: to the Coffee + Crumbs podcast while running + trying not to cry. Sooooo good, guys!
CELEBRATING: finally weaning Canon, with the exception of one time just before bed.
WONDERINGIf the baby will be a boy or a girl. C swears up and down that we're having a 'durrl'.
WORKING: on finishing the binding on my first two quilts ever. (feeling nervous).

Gosh, these last 17 weeks have been an absolute blur. There have been travels, trials and triumphs that have made time fly by. She who says the second pregnancy doesn't feel much faster is a liar. (or at least she has a much more well behaved toddler.)

Feels so successful this week to report that after (what feels like) a year of trying to wean C off breast milk - we are pretty much in the final inning folks. We're talking ONE time ONCE a day. And for me, that is as good as it could get over here. I cannot believe how much actual time is freed up when you no longer have a small tyrant insisting that you take your top off every couple of hours! The key: the baby latte. I may actually write up an entire post about this because it has been so successful.

I have been making things like crazy for B2K - and the house is so full of craft supplies that I'm embarrassed when my husband comes home from work. The ironing board has been in the hallway for weeks, there is a hot glue gun (accidentally left on) in the kitchen, and our dinner table is covered with scraps of fabric, yarn, and fake flowers. I am not sure if its nesting, or just plain excitement. I'm going to lean towards excitement because I have not felt compelled to scrub my toilets in a few weeks now.

And as if that isn't all exciting enough - my mother is coming out to visit her long lost grandson (and daughter) later this week. We are going to party like its 1980-something.

What have you been up to lately? Any good recommendations for me?

Oct 22, 2016

A Sunset maternity session

I had the pleasure this week of shooting a dear, dear friends maternity photos. With the sun setting behind us - and the echoes of laughter off the water: the evening seemed perfect. The only thing that would have made such a beautiful evening even more perfect would be if they didn't have to leave. This was certainly not the first, but probably the last time I'll have these two in front of my lens.

With the military life, you often get used to saying 'see you later' to your spouse - but few talk about the so-longs of good friends along the way. When you don't have the luxury of choosing where you live, you give up the leisure of choosing whom you live near as well. Friend, you will be dearly missed. Here's to hoping our paths cross again (soon!) and that our airline miles rack up quick.

May 19, 2016

In his eyes

In his eyes...

...All vehicles go "weeee-oooooh".
...momma's kisses heal everything. are better than the TV. is a treat - Ice cream is too cold. cannot physically go outside without shoes and a hat.
...Daniel Tiger is a real life tiger.
...and his daddy is the best, and most fun daddy in the whole wide world.

Apr 6, 2016

little helper

To my dear little helper:

Your help is very much appreciated. Especially when you do what I want, when I want it. And when its done in the manner of which I would like you to do it. When you are helping me, I appreciate a certain level of good attitude and teamwork. No crying. And for you to do things right the first time. Please refrain from throwing tools once the task is completed - yes, even at the risk of being unable to perform the ever-important "ta-da" motion with your hands. 

okay, better yet, maybe I'll just do it myself.