Jun 18, 2012

DIY bow-back tee

I have seen several variations floating around pinterest for diy bow-back tee's.  Although they all inspired me, I couldn't find one that I was crazy about.  This bow was too big, I didn't like the center, it was an unflattering tee, etc.  Therefore, I've decided to make my own addition to the bow-back community.  Its a really simple diy, and took me less than an hour to make.

Care to make your own?

To start 'er off, flip your tee over to the back, and mark a loop around 6 inches across and 15 inches down.  I just used a pen and ruler, and that worked great.  Once you have a mark you are satisfied with, simply cut out the shape.  Then cut off the collar of the shirt.

Cut the collar off of your cutout if you haven't already.  You can throw both of the pieces of the collar away.

Take the cut out from the back, and square off the two rounded ends.  Once you have a rectangle piece, fold it in half twice, and cut it into four even strips.  These will make your dainty back bows!
Now hem your four strips (down the long ends) and the new neckline and back on your tee, that way your shirt will have a more polished, well made look.

*(I have a friend who refuses to hem, and likes a messy, homemade look.  Its obviously up to you how you choose to make your tee.)
This is where I start to differ from most other bow-backers.  I chose to keep my bows easy by simply gathering them.  For those of you who don't sew frequently, the technique is easy.  Take your strips lengthwise and fold them, alternating directions.  When done correctly, you will end up with a zig-zag looking fold.  Pin them once in the middle, and sew those pretties down.
And finally, the culmination of your work!  Pin those babies on to the back of your shirt.  I separated each of my bows by about an inch and a half, but its really up to you.  Honestly, I eyeballed it, because detail isn't necessarily a staple in my craft.  I kept my first bow close to the top to create a tighter neckline.  Once sewn on, you will find yourself with a complete new bow back tee.


  1. This is cute.. I would make that but I am so lazy. I'll put it on my to-do list which is a mile long.

    1. mine too. In fact, this one was on mine for about a year before I actually made it.
      You can do it. This was an easy one.


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