Jun 17, 2012

Hello, my precious.

This is a picture, of me and my sweetheart in Tahoe last winter.  His family rented a place, and we stayed there for a few days: running, watching TV, relaxing in the hot tub and eating like kings.  (Oh, Lord, can his mother cook!)  As far as vacations go, this was my favorite so far.  We had enough free time to really enjoy everybody's company.

We've been dating for several years, but it seems like forever.  Months after we began dating it just clicked.  I was going to marry this man.

My friends thought it crazy, but I've never been held back by any regard for craziness.  Although they were right about my "mullet-bob", high-school boyfriend, and various other mistakes - I knew they were wrong about this one.  I was going to marry this man.  Now all I had to do was to convince him this was a good idea too. 

Luckily... this April my prince got with the plan, bought me my rock, and dropped to his knee.  Not only is my ring beautiful, but like my fiance and I - its a bit unconventional.  I'm not much of diamond gal, and am much happier to be adorned with Tanzanite.

Our friends and family have surrounded and supported us in these months leading up to our wedding in December.  I love the endless opportunities for personalization and d.i.y. that a wedding allows.  I am eager to plan a memorable day, and ultimately be married!


  1. Oh, I'm such a sap! I just love reading engagement stories. Congradulations on getting married! I Love the ring! Who cares about conventional stuff. I think that tanzanite is so so pretty :)

    1. Thank you! Whats funny, is I'm not sappy at all, so its very out of character for me to be posting my love story online. What can I say? - Love; it does weird things to you. and P.S. I love the Tanzanite too, its very 'Rose' from the Titanic.


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