Dec 31, 2012

Our first look and first prayers » how handsome is he!?

During the whole wedding planning process, I stalked the blogs of married women. Staaaalked. I tried to soak up any knowledge and wisdom that they had collected on their own special days. A huge debate that I ran into was that of tradition vs. first look. In essence, should we see each other before the ceremony, or not.

I read the hot opinions of lovely ladies on each side, and in the end - first look won out. The truth of the matter was that in the whirlwind of wedding planning, Husband and I had very little time together. He was going through boot camp and SOI, and I was home making the decisions.

And regardless of the sadness, the stress and the separation - we had this special time together. The Corps may have put a dent in our ability to plan together, but it couldn't take any of our time today. We were together in spirit and in flesh.

Away from all the centerpieces, decorations, guests arriving, and day-of morning stresses, we were able to meet together. To pray. To give the day to the father, and to relax together.

I spent most of the time in near-tears. I felt soooo overwhelmed and blessed all at once. Luckily, my sweet husband knows that there is nothing that a few funny words and kisses can't fix.

He's so good to me.

What do you think about first looks?
Will you / did you have one?

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