Dec 31, 2012

The Uniform + Details

My bouquet. One of my special day-of-touches. I made all of the floral arrangements for the day by myself. I collected twigs, dried them out and painted them with fake snow. My mother and I picked out all the flowers at a place downtown, and then my aunts helped me a bit in putting them all together. They were so beautiful, and I recieved so many compliments. I guess the good news is, I can always have florist as a fall-back.

My grandmother made my veil, and I was so in love with it. She bought a comb, added some beadwork to match my dress and then attached some tule. I originally planned to wear her veil - but it ended up being too beat up - so this was an amazing alternative.

The dress was from David's Bridal. I know some girls don't like the idea of buying the 'same dress' as everyone else, especially from such a 'cheap store'. EHH. I found my dream dress, for somewhere around $200yes please. Don't knock it before you've tried it. Don't look elsewhere until you've looked here.

The necklace Now this part worked out perfectly. You see, I was going to wear my Eagle, Globe and Anchor necklace, by default. It was a lovely gift, and it seemed right. Not to mention, I had no intention of coughing up any more money for day of jewelry. My Other grandmother suprised me with this diamond beauty at the rehersal dinner. 

and finally... the only pair of Madden's I own. Though, truthfully I spent most of the time post-ceremony barefoot. What can I say, I love my feet?

What did you wear? Aren't the little details so fun?

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