Dec 31, 2012

The walking, talking, vowing, kissing stage

Girls, girls, he's looking at me!! Just a sidenote: Husband is a pretty serious guy, and some said that they'd never seen him smile before this moment.
The officiant was the best ever. He was my boss for 3 years and has known me for seven. He met me back in high school when I was freshmeat. I went to his club with Youth for Christ through highschool and then decided to stay local and work for him, and he was like my second father. The ceremony was a perfect mix of tradition, storytelling and holding back tears. 

Our first communion together as a couple was super important to us. We stood aside, and whispered so it was only between us. It would have been completely perfect if my uncle had bought us a roll of bread rather than a sliced loaf of bread. Eh, tomato, tomaaato.

Oh, this is actually top 3 favorite wedding photos right here, this beauty. I just love my parents so much and am so grateful for all that they sacrificed and put in to raising me, and my wedding day. I am so truly blessed.

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