Jan 7, 2013

Eagle, Globes and Anchors - oh my!

After the craze that was getting married, I found myself spending several days cleaning out all the 'convenient to carry' boxes and bags that have been stashed in the garage since.  Because my grandmother gave me a special necklace to wear on my wedding day, I had to take off the other neclace that otherwise inhabits my neck (24/7!), my eagle, globe and anchor.  After sifting through all the unused napkins, getting ready clothes, make-up and other things that had been lying untouched - my beloved necklace had not shown up.  Despite my families good intentioned assurances that it must be somewhere, I could not find it.

You see, this necklace is the one sweet husband bought for me through a really rough time.  As he was going through training down on Camp Pendleton, I was at home, living with my parents, and planning a wedding alone.  To be honest, I was a little tad bit bitter that he had left me alone; it didn't feel much like an engagement from this distance.  Although he could call every weekend, the separation was very tangable to me.  He was there, I was here.  I was here, he was there.  There was no we.

On my first trip down to San Diego to stay with him, and see a little part of his world, I was blown away. Boom. Brains officially blown. Camp Pendleton was like a theme park or a movie.  I know it sounds silly, but there was a such a weird sensation knowing I was in a place filled with Marines. I'll admit, I was a bit fearful as well, because I often mentally associate Marines with cops.  All the high and tights gave me minor anxiety.  But all that aside, I loved it.

The absolute pinacle of all of this excitement was the MCX. The largest superstore with everything. and wait... tax free!  I saw these little charms in the case and fell in love.  Heard the price, and walked away.  Immediately.  But as I got home, I regretted my decision.  

The next time I went down to visit San Diego (and husband!) about a month later, I was warmly greeted by a kiss and a jewelry box.  Each day as I see it around my neck, it reminds me how the Marine Corps will soon be ours.  Not mine, not his.  Ours. Together.  Now that we're married, and moving in together in less than a week, I was overjoyed to find my necklace in a little gift bag.

It may seem that now as our life together will be very apparent to me, the necklace's job is over.  Maybe it is.  But it will always remind me of my husbands sacrifice for us, and for our country.


  1. Such a sweet story and I love the necklace!

    1. Thank you, and me too. Its so delicate, which is rare for the Marines. They definitely try to make big statements.


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