Jan 22, 2013

"Heres the mail, it never fails, makes me want to wag my tail" - husband

Today was an exciting day for the mail man. Well actually, it was a pretty average day for the mailman - but it was a great day to be me and husband. You see, we got two more wedding cards, filled with money and love - I got the most recent issue of whole living (bless you Martha Stewart) - A lovely note from my dad, including socks and mittens to keep me warm - some prints from a flickr friend - my good friend Ash sent me a beautiful letter . . . and so much more. Not to mention we got some bills and statements to boot!

After lunch, this guy came via FedEx.
And by this guy, I mean the really big box - not my husband.

This is husband and I's new mattress.  I bought it off overstock for a couple hundred bucks after reading hours of relentlessly happy customer's reviews.  We unwraped it and sure enough, despite popular belief (dad)  it now forms a full size, comfortable queen bed.  I won't let my lips talk a big talk until i've slept in it though. Just to be safe.

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