Jan 28, 2013

I've never had a fish for longer than a month

I have never had a fish for longer than a month. Its not that we get tired of one another, and go our separate ways.  They don't find better roomates, or get offered jobs in other cities.

they die.

Its not that I do it on purpose, you see. I blame it on the fact that I don't speak fish. Also, that fish are not very good non-verbal comunicators.  They don one face 24/7.  I'm sure you've seen it. Big eyes, lips all pursed - kind of in a they just ate a grapefruit way.  No matter how much you stare, or try to make them laugh, they are stone. Just that one face. For convenience, lets call it the fish face.

"I'm hungry" » fish face
"I need to be cleaned" » fish face
"It's getting hot in here" » fish face

How am I to ever know what they need!? The way I see it fish are the most challenging of all pets to keep alive. I'm not a mind reader!

We named the fish Beowulf, Wallace and Breco. I'll keep you updated on their pulses.
(Keep your fingers crossed.)

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