Jan 21, 2013

Rolling in creeper vans, with strangers!!

After all of the stress of not having a vehicle, husband and I decided to take matters into our own hands, and become first time car-buyers.  The whole "oh my gosh we just bought a car" really makes for a romantic morning, as you get all wrapped up in the speed of the moment.

Husband wanted a truck, I wanted a Toyota Camry, we both settled for a creeper van.
Good news is, since husband is so good with his scowls, I think the vehicle really suits us...

OK, Just kidding. We rented it, for the day.  But you have to admit that you liked the story a lot more when you thought we actually bought one of those vile things.  We spent the afternoon hopping around town collecting new furnishings for our new home.  While I don't have any pictures of the furniture yet, as we basically just threw it into the garage - you'll have to wait to see what we got.  But as for the day, here are some pictures of the fun we had.

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