Jan 28, 2013

starwars, shopping, & Silliness.

I want to begin this post by stating, that NO, husband and I are not Starwars nerds.  Before you start assuming I browse Wookieepedia and speak fluent Mandalorian, I don't. Thank you.  But husband does...  SO if you want to make fun of anyone, he's your guy.

You know, I'd actutally never seen starwars until I met him.  Thats right, I went 20 years without being exposed to the 'brilliance' of George Lucas.  When he found out, he vowed to change that.  However, being even nerdier than I imagined, my dear husband decided to turn my experience into an experiment. Basically, I am watching the movies in numerical order as oposed to how they were released (4-5-6-1-2-3).  That way he could see my opinion on 1-2-3 without having any expectations from 4-5-6. I'm at episode 3.  So far I am not impressed.  I've been told that epicness is just around the corner - with just the monotony of episode three standing in my way.

Anyone have some encouragement to move along in this string of long complicated plot?
Does it really get better? (please say, yes.)

Husband's family was in town this weekend, to hang out - so we're going to spend it shopping.
I'm already dropping.  Hope your weekend is filled with joy and adventure!

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