Jan 17, 2013

Things I don’t hate about our new house

Husband and I moved in together to our new home last week.

For those of you who don’t remember the feeling - when your 3rd grade password journal and yearbooks meet his baseball mitt and pokemon cards – messy, messy.  You both end up walking into your “fresh, new” room and discovering things you didn’t know you had, on YOUR side of the pile.

People keep insisting that we send pictures of the new place.  However, said photos would feature places where there is either no furniture, or clutter.  So you get these.  Just a few snapshots of places in the house that don’t instantly induce a headache.

Like our kitchen cubby (as I call it) above.  A frame with my sister and me - back when we were cute.  And yes, that is our love fern.  Fortunately for me, husband is better at loving me than I am taking care of plants… I give our Sego Palm three weeks. Tops.  The white dish is where I put my wedding ring when I am washing dishes, which is funny because it basically stays there all day due to my forgetfulness.  Some days Husband puts his in there too (I just think he likes to see our bands together), but then we both end up traveling around ring-less.

All the options I have when choosing to make coffee.

My abundance of white dishes.  I feel like the queen of hearts summoning them to do my every task.  That is, until they demand a sponge bath or a hot shower in the dishwasher.

“I like lamp.”
(Also: take note of the gorgeous wood floor and crown molding.  – that’s nice too.)

Like the dishes, I know the value of the hot scrub.  In weather this cold, it’s impossible not to have a love affair with anything that warms you.  Bath = life itself.

And this concludes your tour of things I’ll allow you to see in my house at this time.

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