Jan 24, 2013

things I have learned from living with a boy for two weeks

Tomorrow marks the day in which I have lived with my handsome (see above) husband for a whole two weeks.  I am happy to announce that we have survived!!  The other day, I asked husband what odd things he had learned about me since moving in, to which he replied: "Ugggh, you eat your make-up?".

Which is not true.  I simply lick the eyeshaddow before applying it to help it stick. One of my many "I don't need ________ !"-stick-it-to-the-man solutions.  Picture a man raising his own beef.  Or a woman knitting her own scarf.  I'm solving my eye shaddow problems without buying expensive primer.

Anyway, marriage is a funny thing - so much of it a learning curve.  I can only imagine how much love and adoration I will have for husband 10 years from now when he really learns how to love me.

Being the factual, and scientific woman I am, I have observed some truths about our joint cohabitation.

1. No matter how cute. No matter how trendy. No matter how convienent, or accessible it is.  Husband's dirty clothes will never land inside of the dirty clothes hamper.  Sure, sometimes you get a lucky sock that just-so-happened to get caught on the side. But its a fluke or an act of randomness that it even landed in that direction.

2. Being a wife is a lot like washing your hair - in a 'lather, rinse, repeat' kind of way.  You see, you make breakfast, clean breakfast, wash dishes, repeat.  Wash clothes, dry clothes, he wears clothes, repeat.  You see my point here?  But i've found the solution to all of the monotony - humming.  Much like the 'whistle-while-you-work ideal', only I can't whistle.

3. Lower your expectations.  I spent so much of my first week living with husband, stressing.  Did I look okay?  Was this an appropriate meal?  Is he comfortable?  Should I wash that twice?  What will he think if he comes home and the house is a mess?!  Truth be told, the answer to most of those questions was - he didn't care.  We spent the first week sleeping in a conjoined-dog-house (on the couch), our only piece of furntiture.  Due to our lack of seating - we ate standing in the kitchen.  The shower grout is peeling, and the wood floor never looks clean, and the birds threw birdseed all over the patio - but we are together.  And when you put your empasis on that, all the other issues seem to disappear.

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