Feb 24, 2013

As seen on the Ferry

Husband's parents were up for the weekend to go to a 90th birthday party. We decided that today, before droping them off to their flight home, we'd take the ferry. The ride was quite enjoyable becuase it was at 5:30pm, so the sun hit the water just right. We sat and enjoyed our starbucks. My night was better than ever, because I was sipping on what I call my 'lucky drink' from starbucks. I was served a joy tea in late Februaury!! For those of you who don't know, their joy tea is a seasonal Christmas drink, and after Christmas they don't order it any more. So the trick is to find a barista with some left over. (a task I try to meet with enthusiasm as the year goes on.)

I was soon met by the sudden need to rush to the restroom.

I asked Papakon to watch my purse, and scurried off. Only to walk through a door and be met by the most awesome sight ever. It reminded me of the Ceasar dog food adds, and I had to be that girl and stop to take a picture. Or several.

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