Feb 14, 2013

chairs, Cephalopods and cacti

After weeks of planning, details, and fine tuned measurements - I decided to staple the crap out of my kitchen chairs. Think Edward Sissorhand meets staple gun...

What I mean to say, is what I thought would be a huge mathematical equation turned out to be simple. I expected measuring and cutting, then hours of tiny hand sewing - producing messy, sloppily done work. Alternatively to most projects, it was easier than expected, which never happens. ever. right?

Husband and I are what we like to call  thrifty  totally, and utterly cheap. We bought our table and chairs for $20, and they are pretty decent, and they'll probably last longer than anything from Ikea. So I was pleased. I'm now picturing an Ikea showroom full of furniture I don't need - but want ooooh soooo bad. They should post signs reading: 'look don't touch'. A good reminder for anyone.

Oh, I digress... I was just happy to see that dark mismatched wood and beige stained upholstery disappear.

Just some silly art I worked up for the kitchen.
Note: For my entire life I have loved the Ocean, and craved nautical themed decor. (Curse you , Crate & Barrel), SO I may be taking it a little overboard.

Also, though I have yet to gain control and stability over the plants I already have, I bought two mini Cacti the other day.  They are just so charming, in a scary way.


  1. Thanks for linking up! Love the look of your new chairs.

    1. Thanks for the opportunity. The whole Women with powertools thing appeals to me.


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