Feb 13, 2013

Hello, Wall Art. Free printables

After a week of having empty frames placed and tacked on to the wall, I decided it was time to fill them.  Husband and I bought a nice used Canon printer off some mr. on craigstlist, so I figured I was out of valid excuses.

Not only did they look tacky, but said tackiness was underneath my favorite part of my whole house - my over sized clock. It seems as though my entire life plays out under that steady clock.  It's where I plan and prepare husband's meals.  It's where I snip coupons, check balances, and pay bills.  I enjoy my first, second - and sometimes, third cup of coffee under its ticking in the morning.  Its near the door where husband and I kiss hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye; like a never ending game of peek-a-boo.

Its tik-tok-ing has become my most constant companion. It never stops. Well that, and the neighbor dog's barking -- but that's a whole different story.

In fact, romantically enough, my new friend has ceased to be a clock to me.  Along with its constant tik comes a reminder: though days may seem slow, and streeeeeeetch on.  Or weekends blow by without warning. Time doesn't stop for anybody, so in each situation, make the most of it.

One day, you're 16, meeting with your best group of girl friends after school.  Your mentor is there, and she has you writing your new found favorite verse on a piece of paper. You write ...

 " making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. - Ephesians 5:16 " 

... with more swirls and squiggles than reeeeally necessary.  The next thing you know, you're be married. To husband.  And you will realize how true that verse really is. Each day, is full of opportunity for adventure and change. Will you be lost in the monotony of selfishness and schedule, or will you make the most of what you've been given? God has something for you. Today. What have you been putting off?

Take that romantic day away. Write that letter. Call your Grandmother. Take a walk. Enjoy your food. Drive the scenic route. Introduce yourself to that 'stranger' you always see. Smile. Suprise someone you care about. Make a mess. Create something beautiful.

Tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

To download the images for your own personal art gallery, click the buttons below.


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