Feb 9, 2013

Home, again. Hello Dennys, we've missed you.

This weekend, husband and I both got some weird virus. We spent the weekend watching free redbox rentals, eating saltines, and all-in-all - feeling happy for the quiet. For the first few days, I stayed blissfully healthy. I stood by husband's side, cancelled our plans, picked up ginger ale, and let him sleep. When he woke up on Saturday morning, he felt much better. We picked up a friend, who had also been sick, and I foolishly teased their 'weak Marine bodies'. Relentlessly. Only to begin feeling horribly awful.

Once again, my belief proven true, that God has to take extra measures to humble me.

Good news is, husband still loves me, and I was able to keep down my grand slam. Mmmm.

what a porridge pirate, this guy.

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