Feb 2, 2013

one mans junk is another mans living room

After Husband and I's little thrifting adventure a few weeks ago (see creeper van), we ended up pulling in quite the stash. And a few cans of spray paint, and creepy encounters later - here's an update of our living room decor.

Husband and I picked this TV stand up at a random Thrift Shop in Port Orchard. It cost us $5, and with about $2 in paint, and some caulking later... there she stands.

We picked this baby up from a lady on craigslist for $15, sanded out some bumps and bruises, and painted 'er white. We also found this wicker magazine rack at a local Goodwill. $4 and she hides the internet thingy.  mama likey.

This reading lamp was $10 from some guy across town, yet another craigslist find. Finishing the relaxing book corner, aka the only place you can sit in the entire house.  I am really learning to appreciate craigslist.

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