Feb 16, 2013

Our Post-Valentines Day Celebration

Husband has learned many things about me over the last few years of our lives together. One of the biggies being that I hate V-day. I lovingly refer to it as D-day. No, not because I'm usually single. (although that may be true.) I'm just not willing to subscribe to one day a year where I get all the love and affection I   crave   need the other 364 days. Chocolate every day sounds good to me.

But lets say there was this holiday, usually associated with cheecky cards, wine and chocolates. And lets say that the day after said holiday, all this garb in on sale for hmm, 50% off.  It would be a crime not to buy some of those poor chocolates, and give them a good home, right?


So because he loves me, husband bought some wine, gathered food, and suprised me with a picnic today. To celebrate: our love. Not cupid, or stupid generic notes, just love.

and yes, he is that romantic in real life. Read um, and weep gals!

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