Feb 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Today marks the two month date of my marriage to husband. In my first eight weeks, I have made more dumb mistakes than anyone, possibly ever. Because of this, I know have the false-confidence that I am filled with knowledge. An overflowing, and full abundance. Unfortunately, not true. But here are a few thoughts that might help you in your day to day.

1. If you put the garbage out the night before garbage day you won't have to chase down the garbage man with a full can and PJs.

2. Wash out the red beans as the recipe says - you may not find rocks, but you might just find a baseball sized hunk of clay.

3. Once you've created the crock pot meal of a life time and have eaten, turn the crock pot off.  When laziness comes to laziness, you'll be happier cleaning in the morning without having to deal with that overcooked chicken pot pie 'cookie'.

4.  Never assume the fish is hiding in his bowl. Dead. It should always be your first assumption.

5. When re-potting a cactus, accept defeat in the very beginning.

6. Not vacuuming everyday isn't as much lazy as it is strategical. Tell people you're waiting for the dirt to physically pile, for a more prime suction-to-dirt ratio.


  1. O.k. so obvi I had to come check out your site, in a completely non-creepy or stalkerish kind of way =) and can I just say Bravo. It's not very often that a blog can make me literally LOL, but after a brief peruse around, I found myself enjoying your witty remarks. I will most definitely be a recurring reader.
    and p.s you owe me a coffee as I dropped my cup accidently on a particulary hard belly laugh =)

    1. Its not creepy... bahahah okay, everything surrounding the internet is creepy at times. But thats the beauty of it.

      I'm so glad I made you laugh but extrememly apologetic about the mug. If you want, I've got about 50 trillion mugs left over from the hot beverage bar at my wedding.
      A) they've got our names on them.
      B) followed by the phrase "perfect blend". (eh, eh?)

      The only thing creepier than stalking another person's blog is asking for their address to send a personalized mug to them... with your name on it. Maybe when you know me better? deal.

      Happy weekend!


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