Mar 30, 2013

With a Spring in my Step

"Flowers are open
  My eyes are red and itchy
  Does this mean it’s spring?"
-Beth Robinson

Apon my arrival yesterday to the beautiful California - I was greeted by sunshine, flowers and alergies. Oh, and one quite waggly-tailed puppy. My mom and I went to lunch and sat suffered outside (in boots and wool socks.) Oh, Pacific Northwestern girl problems.

That being said, I had forgotten how green and lush my dad's backyard is. Its a deliberate, understated look that just makes me swoon. I couldn't help but snap a few photos here and there. Once I get back to Washington, I can look at them for the next few months while the weather plays its' catch up game. Plus I can gaze into the eyes of my sweet pup when I miss her. She becomes so lazy in the warmer months.

I am majorly tripping out about the idea of easter being tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday that It was Decemeber. And I was getting married and wearing tacky socks. Confession: the tacky sock thing is still happening.

What does your spring look like? Take some pictures and link it below  I want to see!

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