Apr 23, 2013

That one time I washed a blanket

I hope you all had an amazing earth day. For the first time since last Thursday, we experienced a whole day of sunshine without rain. It was as dry as an over-straightened head of hair over here. Nice job Pacific Northwest, I appreciate your work yesterday.

Well, husband and I finally (yes, after four months - don't judge me) bought a washer and dryer for the casa. That being said, I went on an washing craze. With a fervor usually reserved for husband and chocolate. I was all, pouring detergent. Adding softener. 

Like a boss.
Because nothing says happy-earth-day-mama-nature, like running your large appliances all day.

I was feeling all good and domestic until I met the beautifully cloud-soft blanket we received as a wedding gift. You know that feeling when you get halfway through something and realize that it was a really bad idea? But you're already halfway in and you can't stop this train now.  This was one of those moments. I popped that baby in the washer. warm-warm. regular wash, extra rinse.

Upon opening the completed cycle, I came to the realization that our blanket was SUPER absorbent. Moving it from the washer to the dryer was a challenge in itself, and was like trying to toss an over-sized sham wow around. Dripping everywhere, soaking wet. Nothing a "Heavy Duty, King-sized capacity" dryer can't handle, right? Turned that baby on, gave it 15 minutes - enter loud heaving/thumping sound and weird burning smell.

So I did what any reasonable young woman would do, and hauled the (now 50lb) blanket into the bathtub and proceeded to attempt and wring it out. Hallo forearms, I knew I should have been more adamant about working on you. After about an hour of this, I decided I'd do the most earth-esty thing possible and put the sucker in the backyard over the fence. Green & easy...

Can anyone tell me how to wash blankets more effectively? Is there a trick?
What did you do for earth day? 


  1. Oh no! Sometimes you just have to keep wringing em out before attempting the dyer. Or a LOT of spin cycle. Nothing beats a hang dry on a nice day, though.

    1. Ahhh, is that the point of extra spin?
      That explains so much!!

  2. bahahaha!

    All I can contribute is laughter at this story because I suck at laundry and have nothing useful to contribute =)

    1. bahahah, indeed.
      Well you can take note for when it happens to you next time.

  3. hahaha I have done this so many times. I have learned to either dry clean or take it down to the giant washer at the laundromat. So funny!

    1. Ahhh, good. I was starting to think I was the only one.
      You'd think something so simple would be, well, simple...


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