Apr 25, 2013

The day I married Husband

Four score and five months ago, Husband and I made our first big step into forever: and got hitched! We have both learned soooo much more about one another than any other human being would ever like to know. Cohabitation will do that to you. 

Things husband has learned about me, for instance:
1. I find chocolate to be a perfectly reasonable breakfast food.
2. 2 cups of coffee in the morning means I'm just getting started.
3. I like to see how long into the day I can get away with wearing my sweat-clothes.
4. Cooking is fun to me, but only if meals are followed by endless compliments.
5. Showering without singing - impossible.
6. Reading a magazine is like studying for a midterm: its pointless if it doesn't have
your complete concentration.
7. I like the first 4-feet you see entering a house to be the cleanest. When this becomes
a closet, I feel like kick-punching you in the stomach. (But I love him, and don't)
8. Even if I know I'm wrong, I'll deny 'til I die.
9. I am always tempted to buy the cheapest version of anything at the grocery store.
Captain Munch and 'cheese puffs' get in my stomach.
10. I love him, very very much. Sometimes I show him this by crying on him randomly.

I bring up all this because today — Oh, yes, I have finally finished updating the whole wedding page. I wanted to have a central place where people could my thoughts and snapshots from the big day. That being said, I have been working on this sucker since we moved in together, but today it is completed.

Without further adieu: a ultimate wedding fact pack, or as the military has taught me, UWFP
(okay, okay so its not a real acronym. But it seems legit, right?)

I love weddings - so link yours up in the comments and you know I'll check that baby out.


  1. I'm a blogging failure. I have NO wedding posts. Maybe when the anniversary comes around.

    1. Thats what I said. COME'ON I wanna see!

  2. I'll make you a deal. Get my Mr. to put a ring on it (que Beyonce) and I will totally link a wedding page ;)

    1. deal. I can be very, very convincing.
      You just wait - ring by next spring.

  3. OMG! that wedding page turned out beautifully!!! ^.^
    now i kinda want to do something similar,
    to organize all of my wedding posts in a pretty way <3

    oh and btw your pictures are stunning!


    1. Oh, well thank you. It was a blast to put together, and remember all the little parts of my day. You should, and then send me a link. I'd love to see it.


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