May 23, 2013

Do you. You do that best

I am so desperately inseccure in front of a camera. Its not that I think I look like a monster or anything - it's simply that I know what a camera can do to you. Yes, sure, you may be captured beautifully in a moment of time. But for me, and I presume most of us, I feel like Beyonce caught on camera at the superbowl.  (See the tragedy: here)

Anytime I decide that I need to take a picture of myself I feel my nerves begin to rise, and my anxiety kickin' in. I know that I'm not super photogenic and will more likely end up looking more "People of Walmart" than "America's next top Model" in most of my shots. To be honest, ANTM has a huge grip on me and how I photograph myself. I often hear Tyra in my head coaching me:

"You look like you only have one arm!!" - "Don't lose your neck!" - "Smize, smize, smize."
...and its hard work holding myself to Tyra's standards.

Its comforting to know her hair is fake.

Anyway. I got this beautiful new camera strap the other day, and couldn't resist but to show it off. I absolutely hate the idea of putting together a darling outfit, only to cover it up with a generic "Canon" camera strap. Just because I'm a photographer, doesn't mean I have to look like one (and everyone else, for that matter!)

I was always the girl in school who personalized my backpack with pins, my notebooks with stickers and my bedroom with thousands of photos. I guess this is how all that personality shines through into my photography work.

Since High school, I've learned that my personality and differences are key to my success in life. I used to try and hide who I was, what I liked, and how I felt. I wore whatever was trendy and in at the moment. I didn't want to stand out. But now I'm learning to embrace who I am. To walk barefoot, with crazy henna on my feet. To listen to my odd music loud, with the windows down - sing along. loudly. To take pictures that I think are goregous, and not care when others don't understand. Because when it comes to life, the only individuality I can bring to my art is me.

Am I the only one who thinks a camera strap is a big deal? Tell me I'm not.
All the fancy ones floating around the internet - bright colors, bold patterns, and all.
Have you been eyeing any new fun statement pieces for summer too?

Day 23/31 of blogging EVERY DAY IN MAY.


  1. I love your pic with you taking a pic. I can never get a good one. To me when I take my fingers always look weird and deformed LOL

  2. See, that's the good news: no matter how bad you think it looks, it's NOT the Beyonce super bowl pic. You've already one-upped someone!

  3. I think college is where I learned to fully embrace myself and just not care.

    I also laughed at the Tyra bit. When the seester and I take pictures together we are always yellin' smize. It usually ends up failing but that's ok.

  4. Love that camera strap~ looks more like an accessory!

  5. Oh my gosh...yes. yes. yes! I feel the same way!

  6. Ooooh, I SOOOO want a pretty camera strap! And yep, I was the girl who filled her assignment book with stickers and embroidered her backpack in high school. ;)


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