May 24, 2013


This weekend was Viking fest 2013 around here. Me and a friend of mine went to see what all the hype was about... and it didn't disappoint. Talk about loving your heritage - it felt like stepping into Norway. There was authentic foods, potato chips, and locally made soda. People wore the traditional clothes, and made food as they would have back when the town was founded.

Leading in the parade, these boys made us proud. Well, except for that guy second from the left. His dress jacket fit horribly, and the coattails were being stretched open in the back. THAT was a little embarrassing. Its a good thing my husband was working, or he would have been quite worked up over the whole mess.

Not that I've got all my stuff together either. I've realized that there are a few traits about my blogger self, that must be soooooo annoying in real life.

1 - I take pictures. Of everything. Husband can't bite into a piece of food, or move something in our house, without ruining one of my photo opps. I don't know how the poor guy handles it. While at the festival, more poor friend was all, lets go eat. Lets keep moving. I was all, wait, wait. Let me snap a photo of that stranger's random baby.

2 - I talk about my online life waaaay more than I should. "Hey, on pinterest the other day..." - "my blogger friend so-and-so is so funny, she was telling me..." - "Gosh, all I can think about is this post I'm halfway through..." So often I realize that I have completely lost my audience with my ramblings of Internet fun.

3 - The amount of time I spend on projects. I have half-completed-these-will-be-cool-on-the-blog projects laying all over the house. A half sewn pillow, a printed recipe I intend to make, a half painted dresser. Basically, I am way over my head in curiosity and sooo understaffed on actual work ethic.

Do your friends and family have similar complaints? We need a bloggers anonymous group.

Day 24/31 of blogging EVERY DAY IN MAY.


  1. Momma would always complain that dinner was cold by the time I served it cause I always had to try and take so many pictures of what I made.

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  3. That fest looks pretty bad ass!!! Oh and i can relate to your #2! I am always talking about "Oh this girl i follow on instagram/tumblr/blogger" or "This blog talked about this and that" HAHA! i bet my friends find this pretty annoying! :P

  4. I'm with you on #3! I have a box of half-finished crafts in the shed. Now that I think about it...I didn't even finish the Blog Everyday challenge!

    1. bahahah Ohhh good, so its not just me?
      I didn't finish either. It was just way too challenging for little old me.
      Plus I took a week vacation + another weekend away for a family reunion.
      Man, I am such a vacationing slacker!

  5. My husband gets so annoyed with me about pictures. I take pictures of EVERYTHING, and he's like, "you're going to blog about this, aren't you?" um, YES. Of course I am. My brother has taken to holding his hand in front of his face whenever I'm around just to be on the safe side.


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