Jun 21, 2013

#csklla 001 - Green lightsaber

or Crap Sailor's Kids leave laying around.

Most of you know, I'm a Marine wife. Living on a Naval base. For non-military families, this means nothing.  For those who have been around military life: this should at least bring a tiny grin to your face. The truth of the matter is, the Corps and the Navy are very different: Not bad, not good. Simply, different. Although everyone gets along pretty well - sometimes we have huge differences in opinions and lifestyles.

Picture two children in school. Friends. One was raised on the streets in LA, the other on a farm in Idaho.  One's parents ran the house as if they were prison wardens, the others' parents treated them like best friends.  They'd be different right? Both Valuable, and willing to see past the differences - but each, very unique. Very Different.

So here I am, again, living on a Naval base. 95% of my neighbors, being Sailors. Its been great getting to know some of them, and bridging that gap. As a wife, I've found that other wives and I mostly agree on every issue - and see eye to eye most of the time. We love our husbands, our country and we want to help out in whatever way we can. And usually that's all that matters.

But there is one thing about the neighborhood's culture that I cannot understand: the kids leave their junk everywhere. To be fair: its not even junk. Its nice stuff. The kind of stuff I want to run around the neighborhood collecting to save a few bucks on future Christmases. Seriously.

Back to the light saber - because that's where this toy story really begins. (See what I did there?) 

Upon moving into our home in January, we started noticing the toys. But it didn't become super apparent until February, when we found this beauty of a light saber in our front bushes. It was perfect then - not the shell of a toy you see now. I thought nothing of her, and left her there to rest. The kids would come back for her, right?

Wrong. She's endured rain, storms and gardeners. She's been run over by maintenance's lawn mowers at least twice. And folks, this light saber is still sitting in my front bushes.

See, and now you're laughing too, right? Because you are picturing this poor little guy abandoned - and left to be mangled by an industrial lawn mower. Twice. And thus, #csklla was born. Its not meant to insult the Sailors, or their families - of whom I have truly, the deepest respect. Its just so that you can share with me in my laughter as I discover things that are left laying out around our neighborhood.


  1. I look forward to your findings! You should make a toybox for your growing collection.

  2. Brilliant photo and an enjoyable read. :)

  3. I just popped over because Laura from Inspiration Sparks tagged us on Twitter and I'm obsessed! I lovelove this new series of abandoned toys you've got here and your writing/photography are both just gorgeous. I was also looking at your design page after seeing the pretty design you shared in the post below and LOVE that you got your start designing sites because of your neopets page. I offer design services too and I started designing websites for the same reason!! hahah I made a "guild" (do you remember those?) for my neopets and learned html/used photoshop to design it. Anyways I had to share and it made me sooo happy to see that! Have a great day!


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