Jun 3, 2013

Husbands and my, BIG fight

Husband and I are very, very laid back people. For the most part we get along with most everyone - especially each other. Although sometimes - a certain one of us - may get a little snippy, for the most part we can talk through most everything in a civilized manner. The only really huge fight we've ever had, ended in both of us laughing - at the hilarity of what we actually chose to have our first fight over: chickens. But this time, I fear this will not be the case.

This current battle has both of us on our "A" game. Lines have been drawn. Sides, picked. Strategies - are being put into place. Neither of us are really willing to give any head-way. The longer this fight ensues, the more determined we become. Neither of us can afford to lose this one. And this creates a tangible, physical, wall in our home. The kind of wall that gives you more understanding and insight into the one once in Berlin.

Because the ants are officially invading our home...



and Oh-lordy-have-mercy, if I'm just not about ready to break. I've tried windex, lysol, and have built a wall (A REAL, WALL) of baking soda. I've cleaned, I've double cleaned. There is nothing on earth I hate more than hand washing the same dishes, twice.

My friends, as the battle in this household advances please pray that the body count is high in those little six-legged-guys - and ends there. There are few things I wouldn't do to deport those little guys back to where they belong. Gosh, I can feel the hatred bubbling up inside of me. Is this what becoming a hateful killer feels like? OOoooh the rage!!

How do I get rid of them forever!?
Help, please?


  1. Ant poison! It comes in a spray. Have you tried that.


  2. We had this same problem a few weeks ago and they were gone within 24 hours! Get the little RAID ant baits and set them all over. You might want to get two packs if it's bad. Then, once they've eaten the baits, you can spray them with the poison spray for good measure. I hated using chemicals, but it was the only thing that worked. Good luck, lady!

  3. We have had ants come and go a lot lately. There were days that our kitchen was covered, and then they would be gone. Our landlord even had someone come spray and fumigate our house while we were out of town and we've STILL seen more!

    So. I hear ya!!

  4. Hahaha! This post made me giggle ;D i hope you both win the Ant War soon!


    1. thanks, me too, because I'm honestly not sure how much more we can take.
      I am into my elbows in contraptions and ideas to kill these guys...
      any. day. now.

  5. You'e too funny! Honestly if they don't bite and are under control I let them be, unless I'm cleaning which is every ant, crumb, being for themself and it's worked. My grandmother puts cloves all over the kitchen and that deters them, but doesn't kill them. She lives in Puerto Rico where a house with no ants is non-existent. Though I can't remember where exactly I read an article on natural remedies for ants I googled it and came across the following link: http://www.mnn.com/your-home/at-home/blogs/13-natural-remedies-for-the-ant-invasion. I remember reading about at least five of these remedies before. If you try them, please let us know if any of them work. You could also always "Raid" them, that almost always works when I have a bug issue. Good luck!

  6. Oh my gosh!! I have no Ideaon how to help---but this is hilarious! I hope you are winning!!

  7. Oooooh I HATE ANTS! This happens to us about every spring, despite the fact that we have a service come every few months. Grr. I use something called Bug Stop. It stops them from coming in wherever I spray it for a LONG TIME. usually that's the last time I will see them that season in whatever area it is. If I see them coming from somewhere, I spray there and then it's bye, ants. Until fall or next spring.

    Good luck!

  8. Oh no!! My parents had the little tiny sugar ants invading their kitchen recently. My mom just sprayed them all with Clorox to kill them lol. But they kept coming back. I wish I had a solution for you! Those things are so annoying!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! :)



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