Jun 20, 2013

Redesign Spotlight: Bekah's Re∙solve

The greatest of joys of redesigning someones blog is the deep connection you make with said, redesignee. You get to know their tastes, color preferences, and observe their blog up close and personal for several weeks. Somewhere between picking a color scheme, and kicking back and forth emails about header styles you begin to realize that on top of creating a kick-butt blog design: you've made a friend.

My experience with Bekah was no different. She has such a unique heart and passion for the planet - and her blog needed to mirror that. Her great taste and amazing sense of humor made this project one of the most enjoyable ones I've ever had the pleasure of being part of.

Meet Bekah, from Re∙solve.

Been blogging since: January 2, 2013
She is: crunchy, loving + sarcastic
Blogs about: food, green living, personal life
Favorite post of all time: how to not get hired

She wanted: clean, colorful + un-trendy
was inspired by: nature's happier elements
Her favorite element: how the color and floral detail were incorporated while still being clean and not over-the-top.

 Go see it in real life.

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Tell us know what you think of her new look - Likes? Dislikes? What makes/breaks a good design?


  1. Wait, you redesign blogs now? How did I not know this? We need to talk.

    1. Bekah thanks for the laugh. I just coughed on my over priced Taco Bell.

      Britt you already know I love everything you do creatively. This design is no different.

  2. Looks great! I'm always impressed by people who teach themselves all that HTML stuff. Even more impressed than I am with myself for figuring out how to make a blog button for myself. Hours and hours I spend Googling that crap. Lord have mercy.


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