Jun 19, 2013

These summer days

When I logged on today, I wanted to blog about the "summer daze". And boy, if nothing else I say convinces you that this is a real problem... let my lack of posts for the last two weeks be your proof. I don't know why I feel such a great deal less productive May through July. Maybe its a vitamin-D overload - or too many drumsticks?

Do you remember the elated state in which summer used to start - for me it began somewhere in March. Because, naturally March was the official countdown start to summer bliss. I began dreaming up mental pictures of me in a string bikini tanning by our pool: sipping iced lemonade and sun tea whilst reading some trashy novel like gossip girl. Better yet, I'm driving in a convertible with my friends, the wind in my hair and my favorite song on the radio - so happy we can't. stop. laughing. Never-you-mind we didn't own a convertible...

Each day after March first was met with anticipation for the fun + freedom soon to come. Summer always in the back of my mind - I was subconsciously prepping for sugar and sunburns.

If you're anything like me: summer hit and the first three days were bliss. Followed by some of the most boring days of the year. Friends were at theme parks, beaches, friend's houses'. Me? I was in front of the TV for my third hour that day eating microwavable mac'n cheese... And I haaated it. I missed school. I wanted structure, schedule and something to do.

Here I am, newlywed and relocated to Washington. I have no school, I have no official job. Nothing to yearn for. For me, today is like any other day of the year - with of course the exception of the good-ish weather. So why do I feel  like I'm slacking? And why does it feel appropriate to curl into bed at 3:00pm to watch reruns of lost with the husband for the rest of the night?

Oh summer, curse you for my lack of zeal.
But praise you for the little bit of sunshine you've began to shine in the pacific northwest.

Is it just me that gets in this kind of funk? I know I'm not alone in this whole summer thing. Now your summer plans...? Spill.

P.S. I've got the cutest summer project with my new shell collection. Any guesses? Eh? Eeehhh?


  1. Our childhood ruins summer for us. Stupid adulthood. We have all these fantasies that never quite workout. I always look forward to summer then realize I have no vacation or fun to look forward to cuz I hafta work. Booo.

    That sea glass is stunning! I am in love with the stuff.

  2. I feel the same way! When you're a kid you yearn for Summer all year round and yeah it's fun for a couple of weeks but after a while it's so boring!! Now it's even worse!! My husband is gone, i still haven't found a job and all i do is sit on my ass all day watching 'Mad Men' or 'Doctor Who'! I've been trying to get out at least for the gym but it's so hard, haha!!

    Hope Washington keeps giving you guys nice weather so you can get out :)


  3. Girl, I completely understand. Heck I feel like that now. My post are less and less and the inspiration is less and less.

  4. I literally have no guesses for what project you could possibly be working on. I will, however, tell you that I know EXACTLY how you feel about summer. By the end, I was like GET ME BACK IN SCHOOL! Ah, school. I was such a nerd. I'm sure somehow that doesn't surprise you.


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