Jul 3, 2013

Nest Tour: Our Patio

Start on the inside, and you'll change on the outside? Bleh. That only works for heart stuff and self esteem. Here in our nest, one of the most important rooms to me isn't a room. Its where Husband goes to grill up his famous lemon pepper fish. Where I sit out on nice days to read a book, or do henna. Or pray. Sometimes I just sit, and marvel at the bees and birds and all of their efforts. 

To put it simply, each time I looked outside to see an empty patio covered with weeds, I died a little inside. So finally, on a day when husband was busied with work stuff I began. I sprayed and pulled weeds for what seemed like a million hours. Then I spent half all of our savings on materials and got to it. (Just kidding about the savings thing, mom.) I sanded, I painted, I collected, I re-potted. BAM. Instant-patio. Oh, but how all the labor was worth it.

Little diy project with a glade candle, twine + some driftwood I collected from the beach here.

I bought this beautiful 3-tiered flower hanger for $2. I am still on the search for the right flowers, but in the meantime, I'll allow this little guy to utilize my unused resources. 

To make my Terra cotta pots look a little more unique I sprayed on a little white paint. It made all the difference, don't you think? The tall one's a wine cooler, which you can find anywhere.

....and we're out of birdseed already.

Husband's and I's new mantra. Thank you Julia Child, as always, for your infinite wisdom.

Hopefully this little update will allow Husband and I to enjoy our home a little more this summer. At least I wont be embarrassed to use the screen doors when it gets hot...

What have you been doing to enjoy the beautiful summer weather? Show me yo' garden + patio!


  1. Love, Love, Love this little patio makeover!! It's making me yearn even for a small backyard. I hate living on the second floor >_< !! Can't wait to hear all about how you and hubby spent your summer outdoors :)


  2. I love your outdoor living space. You did such an amazing job like always.

  3. So cute! That's one of the biggest things I hate about apartment living: no backyard/patio. Here's what I do: get my lawn chair and a TV tray and sit outside my door with my book and glass of water and try not to look awkward when the neighbors come home. Classy.

  4. Great idea to paint the bottom of the pots white! They look great

  5. Lovely photos girl, and my husband loves Julia Childs so I will for sure share that quote with him. Your blog is so pretty! Thank you so much for understanding my crazy "cross dressing" (that's what I call my men's wear obsession). And yes men's clothing and girl accessories is totally balanced to me!


  6. This is the dang cutest patio, for some reason I am having an odd obsession with chalkboards, so I love your little sign.
    Love your blog, the whole design and feel of it is amazing.




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