Aug 30, 2013

August ∙ Agosto ∙ 八月 ∙ Augusti ∙ أغسطس ∙ août ∙ אוגוסט ∙ agost ∙ همایون ∙ gusht ∙ Lúnasa

*   *   *   
Another month has basically come and gone. Is it just me, or does life speed up as you get older? I feel like with each year I age, I lose a month out of the next one. I can't be alone in this. I'd save my blogging pals, and discuss this with my husband, but he always politely asks me to stop - and says I'm being depressing. He wants "all the time in the world with me".

Forget those cute: "What will we be doing when we've had kids - they've grown up - moved out and we're old and gray" conversations too. Depressing.

I guess I should count myself lucky that I've found someone who wants as much time as he can get with me, for the time being anyway. I haven't fessed up to spilling that mac'n cheese in our new car yet... Can I get a woot for black interiors!?

This month has been soooo great, so I just wanted to write a little post as a goodbye ode for all the lovely things that August brought with it. // neapolitan hair.
Which was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I've been wanting to do something fun like this for a while - and whelp, I did. *(side note: Husband loves it!)
*   *   * // blackberry recipes
2. I picked some blackberries, and tried a few fun little recipes: frozen yogurt tarts.
I also talked a ton about my weird-o obsession with these berries. I wish I could say that I've got nothing else up my blackberry dyed sleeve. But that would be a lie. (enter evil cackle)
*   *   * // beautiful Seattle
3. I LOVED on Seattle. A lot. HERE + then HOW IT LOVES ME BACK 
Been considering a trip to Seattle, let me convince you. Just want to check the city out by photo? This is for you too! Seattle is my soul-mate-city.
*   *   * // Red + Cheetah print maincure
4. I painted my nails red + cheetah print. Loved every moment of it.
I hate when nails chip, but I couldn't help but paint my nails bright red! Sadly they lasted all of two days... Stupid dishes, I knew I should have just left you alone.
*   *   * // Sea Shell Monogram Wall art
4. I showed you my homemade Sea shell Monogram wall art.
... and told you about my horrible barnacle nightmare. Husband laughed at me and told me it was silly - so read all about it and tell me who's right...
*   *   *  

September will be full of adventure, birthdays + creative things, I'm sure. Here goes nothing.

(I've forgotten you, already)

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