Aug 9, 2013


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this weeks edition of #CSKLLA. If this is your first time joining in, feel free to figure out what this silly acryonms all about here. If you want the basic summary:

#CSKLLA  · [sik-lah] noun -  crap sailor's kids leave laying around.

For the last week I have driven past these scooters day after day. I'm starting to think that I should just scoop them up and hold them for ransom. The best part? The two of them are laying a mere 30ft away from one another. Its almost as if one kid decided it wasn't cool to scoot around anymore and threw his on the bushes... Meanwhile, down the street another kid watches this go down and decides: "Yep, scooters are out" and leaves his there too.

Used retails for $29.95 top + $38.21 bottom


  1. our neighbors did that too. But never came back for them, so we actually took em and were two scooters richer haha

  2. Man, I bet there are some underprivileged kids out there who would die for the things they may around. Smh

  3. Haha, that's so crazy... and kind of creepy. Abandoned scooters, yikes!! What is GOING ON in the neighborhood?!?!?


  4. I could've done a blog hop with this, we live off base but in base housing. There is a lime green and black bicycle that is always left laying all over the street. One time I even came out to TWO kid's bikes propped up against my new edge, excuse me sweet little children, no parking in my driveway. The kids around here are so friendly but I would've been spanked as a child if I left something my Dad worked hard for all over the neighborhood. The one little boy with the lime green and black bike, he's maybe 5? Out from sun up to sun down riding down the middle of the road with cars honking at him- ever seen his mom? Nope. #basehousingissues ;)


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