Aug 12, 2013

I dyed my hair neapolitan, Ma.

I've been crushing on this hairstlye for like  a million days   three weeks, and so yesterday with the husband's go ahead I spend the afternoon killing my hair. I've been no-pooing it. But Apple cider vinegar isn't going to cut it for this straw-like bleached hair, no way, no how.

This week's wishes are simple. Get my crap together. Or separate. Or dealt with. At all.

My name is Britt, and I am a clutter-o-holic. I love piles. SERIOUSLY. Piles. The only thing I hate more than a dirty house is a clean one with nothing in it. A house should look lived in, people - Like human beings inhabit it. Anywho: This leads to piles of crap that I no longer need sticking around in every aspect of our life. Samples, because what if someone comes over someday and needs that volumizing powder I don't use?Magazines because what if I remember an article from two years ago that I want to look back and re-read? Just being honest.

Therefore this week, I hope to...
1‣ Organize my photos on my hard drive. Purge what needs to be deleted and organize the rest.
2‣ Clean out email. Mark and delete all spam, erase old, outdated messages.
3‣ Help husband clean out guest room / office and continue to prepare it for guests.
4‣ Go through magazine pile. Read what I want, recycle the read ones.

P.S. Anyone else No-poo out there? Raw honey poo-ers? What do you do when you dye yo hair? 


  1. I SO need to organize my hard drive! I've also been super curious about no-pooing but can't decide where to start and what to try. Love the hair color!

  2. Or let your husband throw the magazines away when you aren't looking. You won't realize they're gone.

    Not that I've done that to Sean or anything...

    1. and the red color on your tips is my favorite!

  3. Yay, your hair is SOO cute Britt. I'm with you on getting more organized. I cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago. It's was rough but felt good afterwards.

  4. ORGANIZING PARTY!!! Cue the dips!

    Good luck, seriously, though!

    And your hair looks really cool. :) I love it.


  5. I'm a piler too, gotta love stacking stuff. Organized chaos.

    I have been low-poo for the last few months, it's been less rough on the dyed hair than the vinegar.

  6. Your hair is so cute!
    :) Liz @

  7. I love to clean up the albums and pictures on our computers, makes everything seem neater.

    Your hair looks cute! I am too scared to try anything different that what I've always done.

    I used to save magazines, now I usually look at them the evening I get them and then toss them.

  8. Ughh, your whole list is still on my list. I just want to get rid of EVERYTHING. But yeah..ha, I may just want to use that thing that I didn't even know I had someday for some reason. You know how it is.

  9. LOVING your hair! Mine is pitch black and if I could get on board with bleach, I would totally get some sweet blue tips :) I also need to declutter My Entire Life. It is such a hard thing but it feels so great when you are done! I am tackling my closet this week, which will either kill me or...well, probably kill me :)

  10. I just recently organized my inbox. I used Gmail's auto-filtering system to flag certain emails (like blog comments) and move them to a certain folder. My inbox is so clean now! I love it. Also, you're hilarious.


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