Aug 19, 2013

Last week's wishes were...
1‣ Organize my photos on my hard drive. Purge what needs to be deleted and organize the rest.
2‣ Clean out email. Mark and delete all spam, erase old, outdated messages.
3‣ Help husband clean out guest room / office and continue to prepare it for guests.
4‣ Go through magazine pile. Read what I want, recycle the read ones.

50/50 isn't bad, is it? It would be an out of this world batting record: right-o? The truth is, I focused so much of my time on the tangible this week that I wasn't able to even consider the electronic world. If my poor hard drive was a car, I couldn't drive it down the street. It  is so bad.

My in-laws were here this weekend and with a tiny-staycation, a wedding, and a day in Seattle - I had some time to refocus on what is important to me and my blog. To become re-lit.

This week's wishes...
1‣ Organize my photos on my hard drive. Purge what needs to be deleted and organize the rest.
2 Make time for a creative photo shoot.
3‣ Catch up on magazines - all of them.

What do you wish to complete this week?


  1. Ohh, I like these weekly wishes. Maybe if I write some wishes down I'll actually do them these next few weeks.

  2. I've had "organizing photos" on my list for a long time but have yet to get to it. good luck, girl!

  3. great weekly wishes!! Organizing a hard drive is complicated! There's always so much on there!! Good luck with your creative photo shoot!!

  4. I think 50/50 is really great! I kind of abandoned my wishes for this week (sort of knowingly -- I plan on addressing this probably next week sometime??). Anyway! Organization is no easy task (which I also found out with my weekly wishes) and I think sometimes focusing on one VERY SPECIFIC organization task a week or month is best for people who aren't natural organizers (hmm, like someone like ME!).

    Anyway, happy organizing!!! :)



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