Aug 21, 2013

Love Seattle street musician
↳ Seattle may be the most beautiful of cities. honestly. Each time I find myself wandering along Pike's market, I fall a little more into love with the place. The smell of sweet pastries wafting through the air - a quartet on the corner singing an acapella version of an Earth, Wind + Fire song. As I hold tight to my husbands hand in my left, and my Canon in my right: I swoon. I think its rare that I truly find myself in the moment, and satisfied. But in Seattle, its second nature.

I am so brilliantly, and unbelievably happy. Here.

Is it possible that each person truly has a specific "happy place"? A kindred spirit - location of sorts. As I think to the next few years, in which we'll relocate my heart sinks. Will I ever find love like this, again? Would my heart pitter-patter in the same way ever again? Pike's Market's Floral Department.
Oh Seattle, and your fresh produce + flowers. Take it easy on my weak heart, won't you? My handsome husband and I
And dear husband, thank you for being my life-long traveling 'Seattle'. The only true and guaranteed love of my life. Cities and Skylines may come and go - but my love for you will be forever constant. Here's to finding and falling in love with new places and spaces.  Together.

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