Aug 29, 2013

Red + Cheetah inspired nails Red + Cheetah inspired nails
I now interrupt your regular programming to bring you this special announcement:
I am wearing cheetah print. Well, sort of.

Why is this significant? I've compiled a list:

1  I rarely paint my nails anymore, due to one chore: the dishes. Its all for nothing when you get a beautiful manicure and then chip it trying to scrape hardened scrambled eggs of a plate. And that's breakfast! Truth is, a girl has got to eat. So when is the best time to get your nails did? Never.

2  I am soooo boring. Seriously. When it comes to my style I like browns, blacks, navy, white, beige. Maybe a random dark green thrown in. But really, that's it. There is no room in my wardrobe for cheetah nails, or red nails for that matter.

3  I have this weird thing against cheetah print anything. And everything. It actually spans into any kind of animal print really. I have this stigma that it has to be paired with neon pink or green. And that its something you wear out to look "sexy" or like a party animal. And I'm much more of a "knit while watching Murder She Wrote gal" than a party-er. 

Am I the only one who takes my nails far too seriously? Clearly. Watch out, I'm like one of those Seventeen quizzes, and can read your personality-type by your manicure.

finger paints Curator's Crimson / Essie Sand Tropez / Revlon 24K / Sinful Colors black on black

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