Aug 8, 2013

Sea shell Monogram - Bringing the beach inside

↳ Last week I had this nightmare: I looked down at my stomach to realize that it was covered in barnacles. For those of you who don't spend a lot of time with barnacles - they are tough, but if you manipulate them just so, they fall right apart. Anyway, I noticed I was covered in them, and began to pry them off one-by-one. I worked my way down my stomach, taking of the pesky things and tossing them on the floor. As I came to my last tummy-barnacle, time slows. I pull it apart piece by piece - it feels like an eternity. To my horror, as I throw the last piece on the floor I find a collection of small worms where the barnacle had just been. Spooked, they all squirm quickly down and into my we-don't-talk-about-em-parts. I wake up.
*  *  * 
What does this disturbing dream tell you about me? That I spend waaaaay to much time thinking about barnacles. Its sick really how much time my brain spends pondering off about tiny salt water crabs, snails and shells. My brain begs: "think of all the amazing thoughts I could process besides sea life, Britt." Naturally, I dodge this reasoning subconsciously, as I'm currently daydreaming about sea cucumbers.

As the months go on, our house becomes more and more populated with "Sea decor". There are sand dollars in frames, and boats and driftwood on the mantle. Above, our initial is the newest addition. It took three trips to the beach collecting and a week to rearrange all the shells into the perfect places. I have yet to decide if husband actually doesn't mind having an entire beach in our house - or if he's just not willing to have that kind of a world-altering argument with me.

Be honest, could I be institutionalized for this?


  1. That is the most horrifying dream ever. I'm a little mad at how neat your monogram looked. If I tried, it would look like a kid's macaroni project.

  2. Ohh, no ma'am. That dream would freak me out too. But I do love your monogram. I agree with Bekah.

  3. LOVE that sea shell monogram!! it turned out beautifully!! :)
    i wouldn't mind having an entire beach in my house! haha

  4. Love it!!! Newest follower from the let's be friends blog hop. Looking forward to getting to know you through your blog! :))

  5. That is so pretty! What a great idea! And that dream- super creepy :)

  6. How pretty! I used to be a rock collector myself as I lived my whole life in the mountains, however, now that I live in LA I should try and venture to a beach and see if I can find any shells... Well, I know I won't find any in Santa Monica, I will only find glass and bottle caps... Maybe a used condom? LOL - But perhaps Malibu!

  7. Gorgeous! It looks so perfect I though you somehow sanded the edges...

  8. That K is awesome! Looks great. I'll live with you if your husband decides he doesn't like it.

  9. You made that K? Oh my gosh, that is AMAZING!

    And your dream sounds totally gross and squirmy and I'm trying to forget it already, haha! So, I am going to change the subject to say:

    I totally love beach themed stuff, even if I never go to the beach. I think it sounds fun to have a whole house in that theme. :))


  10. That was quite a dream! It is interesting that you collect sea shells etc. My mom used to collect sea shells and once I saw a display of a huge collection of sea shells at a hotel here in Jamaica. It was really beautiful. The K sea shell monogram looks great. I am a new Follower of your blog. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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