Aug 23, 2013

Seattle loves Britt back. OH yes, it does.

Y'all remember last week I talked about how much i love Seattle? I went on and on about how Seattle is the best place in the world, and my true soul mate city. And today, Seattle tried to pay me back... The city is alive - its alliiiiivee I tell you (Cue Frankenstein music.) 

My sister and I walked the streets for hours today just breathing it all in, and going nowhere in particular. We both just wanted to go downtown and appreciate Seattle. After giving one man the rest of the money in my wallet (I'm broke, just $2-) and paying for another's bus ticket - Seattle loved me all the more.

How did the city repay me, you ask? How did it express its love for all things Britt?

I was told 5 times in a two hour period how beautiful I looked. By random men on the street. Beautiful. Not hot, nor sexy. No "hey baby"s or cat calls. I was politely stopped and told "you look beautiful today". And you know what? I felt beautiful.

So either Seattle has decided to get with this whole person/city soul-mate thing - or Seattle men really have a thing for girls in jeans + T-shirts wearing no make up. Either / or. 

On a side note, my beautiful sister has been visiting from California for the week - and I have enjoyed all the little moments of her company. As I drove her to the airport today, I found myself realizing all of the things I will be again doing alone next week. Like:

‣  Drinking double Americanos. Light Ice.
 Laughing at the absurdity that is W magazine. Seriously.
 baking tiny, detailed little things + delivering them to friends.
 Watching silly movies until early in the morning.
 Enjoying a hearty breakfast at lunchtime.
 Enjoying husbands sense of humor.

... before we knew it, our time was come, and spent. Is it just me, or did summer just disappear!?

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