Aug 15, 2013

Why you shouldn't take your imagination shopping

also titled: Britt's tempting purchases of the last week.
I know you all think that my first statement about leaving your imagination at home was a joke. Alas, my friends, it was not. This is very serious stuff, and making this change in your purchasing style is life or death. I mean: life in a clean and manageable home VS. dying under piles of your own useless junk. Be honest, have you ever made a purchase that seemed totally necessary until a week later? You then found yourself gazing at "said product" thinking, what was I thinking?

Why is shopping with large creative juices dangerous? 

1. If you can produce a brilliant mental picture of you using a product, you are more likely to rationalize your purchase. For example, husband takes me to PetCo and while I have no interest in buying a pet, he wants to look. We look. We survive the fish, reptiles, and small rodents until we reach the Ferrets. I have never wanted a ferret. Ferrets are illegal in California and I couldn't move back home with one. The creature alone (not incuding food, habitat and cute clothes) was $150 bukeroos. 'Nuf said? However: the second I pictured myself in a trendy outfit - just strolling down the streets of Seattle with a ferret on a leash, I decided that I had to have one. After all, I wouldn't be caught dead walking anything else.

2. When shopping you may formulate fake problems with said "product" as your solution. Case-and-point. We're preparing our guest bedroom, and I've been gathering things that would accommodate visitors. It was under control until I thought to myself: what if a guest forgets a toothbrush!? We should have tooth brushes on hand. Just in case. Neveryoumind that we have some extra oral-B's laying around. Our guests can't use that trash... So I had to buy them these. Naturally: Just in case. Because what about a custom bamboo toothbrush doesn't make sense?

3. Imagination purchases are a slippery slope. I got the great idea to purchase a coffee maker for the guest room. Guest wakes up, enjoys a cup of coffee before having to make that awkward 'good morning, yes this is what my bed head looks like most mornings' appearance. Its both logical and thoughtful, right? Even Motel 6's have coffee makers. But then you find yourself searching for Keurigs, and K-cups, then mugs, and cute baskets to put them in, Not to mention you should probably have creamers and flavors pumps and... Do you SEE what I'm saying? All of a sudden you have a small Starbucks in your guest room.

Are any of these purchases logical? No.
Did I take my imagination shopping with me? Possibly.
So did you purchase any of these? Two of the three.

Here's to hoping you were wiser than me with your VISAs this week. 


  1. Oh yes. Dangerous territory! Which is why unemployed Bekah isn't even going INTO stores these days!

  2. Hahaha, this was thoroughly entertaining... :) At least you're generous and beneficent with your imaginative buying -- it's for other people! When I shop, I just think of myself... but I actually don't shop often... and I am a po' po' grad student now, so, eh, my friends and family can get over it! :)


  3. haha I do this all the time. The deadliest is online shopping. When I am bored I just look at all these clothes that I would look good in, and I imagine how much of a fashion statement I'll make, $200 later I am hating myself. Pinterest is the worst too, I see all the DIY's that I want to try, and thinking it would look sooo good in my house. Then I make it, it looks like crap, I never had a place to put it, and a just wasted money. haha


  4. Man, this is so true. I have so many random things in my closet for these supposed projects I must complete and blog about.

  5. Oh my gosh. LOVE this post!! who doesn't shop this way?! I know, I have problem. I'm 100% the same way - my guest room MUST be fully-equipped so people will LOVE staying with me right!??!!?


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