Sep 18, 2013

a short celebration of the love of my life: on his birthday

↳ The sweetest little boy on the whole planet Already donning his signature frowning brows.

 Baby Britt + Husband - less than 6 months in - at my "first" of my future family's reunions.

 The sweetness that I get to wake up to every morning. Usually accompanied by a kiss.

 The day we pledged forever - before God and everyone we love - and have never looked back.

Dear Husband,

Thank you for love and patience you have shown me over the past few years. Since the day you changed my car's headlight and asked me out - you have been nothing short of a gentleman. You have held open countless doors, politely introduced me, and have said "I love you" more times than I can count. Through you, I find such safety and understanding. You are the first person I want to run to with news - good or bad. You're my sharer of heartache, success, food, and the covers. *(why are there never enough covers!?)

Though it sometimes takes more work than it should, I love waking up to you. Early, or not. There is nobody that I would rather deny sleep, and drink loads of coffee for. Its a sacrifice I'm  willing  glad to make. Plus you look cute from over a mug of steam.

Your job is never easy - and neither is the separation it brings - but you handle it with such grace. (Like a champ.) Each morning I wake up more in awe of you, and exponentially proud of the job you do. In a world filled with discouragement, complaints and laziness you stand completely apart. You are filled with joy, purpose and integrity - all of which look great on you.

Thank you for the compliments and encouragement when I'm down. For cooking dinner when I am worn out and discouraged. Thanks for your sweetly planned date nights, just to show me your devotion. And for the laughs, the tears and the honesty. There is nobody in the world who is better about knowing and meeting my needs and desires. On this day 22 years ago, God blessed me with the perfect husband, soul mate and best friend.

I love you more and more each day, and am always looking forward to the next ones.
Happy birthday, my love.

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