Sep 26, 2013

Wool, fabric softener, and why Britt is a total, die hard dork. (sorry, not sorry.)

Alternatively titled, "how to have a great time, and avoid folding huge piles of laundry."

Consider me a total weirdo - I'm sure you probably already do - but I am in love with Laundry day. The smells, the sounds, the peace that accompanies a week's fresh start. I love the repetitive folding of all Husband's matching uniforms. Fellow mil-spouses - I know you feel me on that. Its like folding the exact same thing over - and over - and over again. Think yoga, but better.

When I was offered by Woolzies the chance to make my laundry day even more enjoyable - I jumped on it. I was sent (in the cutest packaging ever) a set of 6 dryer balls made of 100% New Zealand Wool. Best part? These babies are good for up to 1,000 loads of softer clothes.

I will be honest in admitting that I had huge doubts regarding this product. Why? Because you can't just throw 6 wool balls into a dryer and expect softer clothes. Not to mention, they claim to reduce drying time by 25% - so, I timed it. Because, I'm me. I washed three separate dark loads of similar sizes, and was blown away by the results. It took almost 40 minutes less to dry a load with the dryer balls. 40 minutes!

These cute little, woolly fluff-balls pack a powerful punch. Literally.

As for softness, I pulled an identical green-on-green shirt from every load and asked my husband to feel them. (Oh, the joys of being married to a blogger). We both agreed: the softest load was the one with the Woolzies and fabric softener. While the load that contained the Woolzies alone was soft, it didn't contain the fabric softener scent (that I know + love).

Our decision: to use both. Cut down on electricity + dry time - and have softer clothes. Win, win.

So, I've got you curious now, don't I? If you're thinking that you wouldn't mind giving these babies a spin (pun, very much intended) - this is your chance. Use the rafflecopter below, and get yourself a free set.

P.S. My husband insists that I need a pie chart, but since nothing here has to do with percentages... If he asks, cover for me, yeah? (you're the best.)

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