Sep 2, 2013

Hammocks + silly grandmothers - oh and weekly wishes.

On a whim this weekend, Husband and I decided to head to Plains, MT and see some sun. (No thanks to you, Seattle!) You don't know where Plains is? - its okay. 99.9% of other people don't either. And that's how we like it. It's quaint. It's quiet. It's where my grandma lives. It's here.

For the first time in a few weeks Husband and I have had time to spend relaxing together. Rarely to we get to ride around in the car for hours with nowhere to go. Read. Sleep in. Nap. Talk. Listen to music. It has been so sweet to have no cell service. That's right, AT&T doesn't even pick up a signal out here. Sorry Mr. Marine Corps, but we won't be rushing back at your beck + call.

This is vacation.

Yesterday we decided to nap on the hammock - Husband and I - which sounded like the most beautiful of ideas. The trees were slightly bobbing in the breeze, and the sounds of children playing down the street echoed quietly. But a few minutes into our rest, we began to see *flash* then a moment passed and *flash* again. Husbands eyes opened and looked at me. "What is that?"

"Don't look now," I replied, "but Grandma is in the window, trying to take photos of us. She can't figure out how to turn off her flash..."

We both entered a silent fit of giggles.
Defeated, my grandmothers white head disappeared from the window.

Only to hear a screeeeeeeaaachh a moment later. Followed by crunch crunch. Silence. Crunch crunch. Silence. And her little white head popped out from behind the tree.
Oh, joyous vacation.

Last week's wishes...
1‣ Spend at least three hours in a comfy coffee shop.
2 Read Martha Stewart, Dwell, Country Living + other inspiration sparking magazines.
3‣ Take some time to think, pray and journal about anything that's on my heart.

Last weeks wishes went splendid. and the vacationing helps. Sometimes ya just need to get away.

This week's wish... to relax with my Husband. (wish me luck?)

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