Sep 30, 2013

Rosette Floral Manicure - any why coffee dates don't translate into "husband" Rosette floral
Coffee date with a friend:  We walk in and spend approximately 12.5 minutes deciding on what sounds good for the day. Both of us order our coffees and excitedly shoot the breeze with the male barista, who of course, finds us endearing. We deliberately pick the table with the most space from the rest of the customers - and the best view. We sit down and spend the next 20 minutes discussing "what's new" with each of us. We each take the first sip of our coffees. One of us goes into a detailed story of how she got lost in the "bad area" of town and then got hit on three times. The other interrupts with a story about how she couldn't find her favorite pair of pants this week - she's been wearing the runner-up pair. We both enjoy drinks two and three of our coffees. One of us, needs to use the restroom. When her friend gets back, naturally, the other now needs to go. While the other is in the bathroom both friends empty their coffees to the halfway mark. We continue talking, and cover the topics of men, friends, school, pms, annoying people, recipes, cute things we pinned, and then loop our way back to men again. We politely finish your coffee, but continue to talk for the next two hours as though we haven't. We both then realize we have elsewhere to be ("where has the time gone!?") - hug, and part ways. Repeat every week.

Coffee date with Husband: We enter the coffee shop and he orders for us immediately, as he's already asked me what I'd like. He picks the nearest seat he can find. We drink coffees, politely communicating when necessary, but mostly people watching. We finish coffees in the first 10 minutes. Husband wonders why we "can't leave" just yet. 

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photos | Alex Welna

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