Feb 24, 2014

Not your Grandma's embroidery hoops

Lately I have been so inspired to make unique handmade art for our home. Though I'm aware (as every other military spouse is) that our time here in Seattle is limited, I can't help but want to nest. We probably have less than a year left among the peninsulas and bays of the Emerald City - and my heart already mourns the loss of the ferries as my main mode of transportation.

Seattle will always have such a special place in my heart and memories. My parents drove me 13 hours (in one epic road trip) to drop me off at Husband and my first apartment here. Husband proceeded to, officially, carry me over the threshold. We spent the first few months with nothing but a sofa and dishes. We collected furniture, books, knick-knacks and art, together. I burned my first, my second and my third attempts at making pancakes. Laundry and dishes were done every once in a while. We made this place our home and Seattle will always lay claim to our first year as newlyweds.

But soon, the Marine Corps will issue us on. To a new house, with a new job, and a new city to explore. We will find new grocery stores, favorite hangouts, coffee shops, and date night spots. We'll have new friends to go with the new furniture. Chances are though, I'll probably burn a few more batches of pancakes.

Nothing will be the same - and yet everything will be, won't it? Isn't Husband the only constant I need? How beautiful is marriage - the promise of lifelong commitment + companionship. At a year and a half of being married, I have just started to scrape the top of what looks to be  a pretty big barrel. A barrel filled with: hopes, dreams, love and happiness - but hardship and hard work too. I can't possibly imagine where we'll be in ten years, or five, or even next month. What I know is this: Life is a grand adventure, the kind of adventure I don't want to ruin by knowing the ending.

To my husband: the Ursa Major, to my Ursa Minor. I love you and I'm glad we are in it together. 

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