Feb 7, 2014

Oven Baked Pear Chips

itbritt.com: oven baked pear chips
itbritt.com: oven baked pear chips
Lately, Husband and I have been trying to eat healthier. When it comes to making better food choices, the meals tend to be the easiest part for us. While meal planning + cooking I can cut out complex ingredients + over processed foods.  But I know y'all feel me when I say that healthy snacking is hard... and expensive. Thus, the search for homemade snacks. Enter the pears.

To call this a recipe would be silly, and dishonest of me. Its really just a few simple steps with just one ingredient: pears. The great irony is that I have been buying these my whole life - due to the fact that I thought that it would be too hard a thing to replicate. Boy, was I wrong. 
3 fresh pears
1. Preheat oven to 250°
2. Using a mandolin, or a knife slice pears into 1/8 inch slices
Lay flat on a cookie sheet
bake for 60 minutes, flipping the slices half way through.
Let me warn you, these go fast. I can eat three pears worth in about 30 seconds flat. Plain ain't your game? Honey makes a great addition, as well as sugar + cinnamon.  Enjoy, friends.

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