Feb 5, 2014

Sunrise, Sunset

itbritt.com: Seattle Sunset

itbritt.com: Seattle Sunset
There is truly nothing more beautiful than a Seattle sunset. The way the fleeting sun takes full advantage of the last 20 minutes to show off these coastlines. Its a panoramic view of shapes + colors that make my heart swoon. Be still my heart, be still.

Be still.

Life lately has been a complete blur - in every way. The completely overwhelming way.
As my world slows, and I regain focus - I find myself here on my little tiny inch of the internet.
Here, on the poor little blog I have neglected for months - without so much as a thought. Husband keeps pushing me to take some photos, share some inspiration and regain the zest for life that pushed me into blogging in the first place. It feels awkward, and unnatural - so lend me some grace, and maybe a hello?

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