Feb 13, 2014

Thursday thoughts: the nanny edition

Recently I've picked up a little part time nanny gig. Its been so sweet to get to spend time with one of the most darling babies on the planet. Although the job hasn't completely changed my life, there are definitely a lot of things that I have been learning lately. 

1.  I've been taught that a tight-feeling stomach means baby is full. Do not, I repeat DO poke said "full belly". Especially not more than once. Oh, the mess that will incur is not worth the novelty.

2.  For those early morning feedings, note to self: formula + water = formula. Although the equation: formula = formula makes more sense on paper, it doesn't in real life. Its hard for baby to drink powder.

3.  Let a sleeping dogs lie? Why does this phrase not allude to babies? They may look like they are in deep sleep - but the second you decide that the couch may be more comfortable than their car seat for nap time... God forbid... BOOM. Eyes open.

4.  While we're on the theme of nap time: making your morning juice during morning nap is not a good decision. Use of coffee grinders, blenders, sneaker-filled dryers, leaf blowers, and air compressors aren't recommended either.

5. I got a coffee with baby the other day at my favorite coffee shop, and realized half way through that i had forgotten something (but had my coffee in a "for here" cup).  When I asked a guy if he'd be there long and wouldn't mind watching  my coffee... He was surprised, but said he'd love to watch my baby while I go to my car. "Coffee sir, not baby". Coffee. How often do people leave their babies with strangers? Apparently with this guy, often. 

6. Lastly, baby socks are like shooting stars - there one second and gone the next. 

To my mom readers: major props. To you fellow nannies, you are the working elite. Don't ever let anyone tell you that your job is anything less than rocket science.

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