Feb 19, 2014

You can't go home again

Husband and I had the pleasure of driving home for the three day holiday weekend. With his job in the military, its hard getting time off, and its even harder getting time off in advanced. Simple luxuries like pre-booking a plane ticket aren't really possible for us. So... we drove. Through the night. We drove 13+ hours and showed up at my folks house at 2:30 am. Then woke up a few hours later at 5:00 am to go up and surprise his folks at their door. Of course, they were over the moon to see us and totally shocked to have mystery visitors at their door at six in the morning.

His parents have such a beautiful house, and even prettier property. Of course we spent a good deal of our time following our sister around the yard as she fed the animals, fixed the fences, etc. It felt good, simple, and like nothing has changed.

It's always nice being home - but it feels strange at the same time. Like, we never left. Almost like, the first year that Husband and I have spent as a married couple never happened. We are always in this perpetual state of "dating" while we're home. It feels weird as we cuddle into the same bed at night. Or wake up in the same room in the morning. Or when I can brush my teeth while he uses the toilet.

Things that I totally take for granted when I am in our own home - but the moment you go home, it all feels so... unnatural. 

Am I the only freak that feels this way? Newly married sistas, do you feel me?

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