Mar 17, 2014

Taking stock: March

Making : homemade fitted sheets, lunch.
Cooking :  shephard's pie for dinner.
Drinking : water - as always.
Reading: 1,000 gifts, for the millionth time.
Wanting: Panera mac'n cheese.
Looking:  for some new tights - I've just about worn through my favorite pair.
Playing: this video: a guy singing frozen songs in Disney character voices.
Wasting: time while I should be working on my projects.
Sewing: a few secretive projects for some friends.
Wishing: It was less bright outside.
Enjoying: mandarin oranges - by the handful!
Waiting: for our trip to sunny California.
Liking: the idea of our busy year. So many plans!
Wondering: how long its going to take me to mow our lawn. Its huge!
Loving:  Husband. I have a keeper.
Hoping: to get my new furniture projects finished this weekend.
Marveling: at how fast the first three months of '14 have blown by.
Needing: to go to the commissary and buy some yogurt.
Smelling: the new blooms popping up everywhere.
Wearing: a pear of tights and a T-shirt. My happy place.
Following: nicolrene & abbybarstow on instagram - all their presh baby updates.
Noticing: that I need a new manicure.
Knowing:  its time for a haircut. Hello split ends.
Thinking:  about our ski trip this weekend.
Feeling: giddy for summer.
Bookmarking: the honeebee blog, she is so cute!
Opening:  a bag of grapes that I should have put in the fridge... boo...
Giggling:  at my husband singing Frozen songs.
Feeling: really good today. Today is a great day!

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