Apr 1, 2014

April: Hello and manicure

brittandhive: spring flowers manicure

I love spring.

Love it. Love it. Love it!! Since moving to Washington, I have become all that more tuned in to the seasons... Mostly because unlike California - we have them here. Ahhh, the emergence from the lull that is rainy season is the very best time of year. The sun has started to peak out around the clouds - the rain puddles have dried up - my plants have started to grow again - my body has begun to process the vitamin-D influx. and I am happy.

March has been a slammed month for me - and I feel like I've been juggling things - and not rather effectively either. I have been working on making some pretty sweet new things. New projects, new jobs, lifestyle changes. There is so much new 'growth' I can't wait to announce and show all of you this month. 

Oh, no tricks, no fools, just excitement for a new month - and all its changes!

Did you trick anyone today?
What are you most looking forward to in April?

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